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In the back of the Net

In reference to a soccer match, which is a very popular kind of sport modality. Held at a stadium located in a European city in a given month in the year 2018. The century is the twenty-first century and the planet is planet Earth. However, I am neither sure of which time dimension that event was held at nor of the order of the events that took place at that time, not even including the living beings that were performing those magestic and superb tricks. All I am able to inform about and add is that they seemed to be of the kinds of well balanced sides, eleven players each side and that the metric field dimensions were in conformity with the international specifications 😆🌎 And there it goes... In this overcast sky A cold wind blows Here and there, in this turning world Some shiny soccer shoes Successively one-two moves Then two or three nutmegs A clinical finish Who was scoring this goal and putting the ball in the back of the net? Another starting kick And there was the center-for…