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Something to ponder

Something to ponder.
by John Ny

It´s true. Some say that there is a great difference between knowledge and wisdom. Nevertheless, there may be a close relation between wisdom and intelligence and that´s the reason why wise human beings may be both cause and effect of what could have been obtained and put into practice on a daily basis, repetitively as usual procedure through both formal and informal or also direct and indirect kinds of interaction among peers for centuries. That is why positive kinds of interaction are very important and may be preferred by those with a care in the world. These kinds of interactions are in fact the only ones resulting in the most impressive and desired achievements of humankind, regarding many existing activities and projects ever developed by human beings from many existing fields of expertise institutionalized by humankind. Ranging from engineering, to sports, to entertainment, to medicine, to art, to economics, to science, to technological advances, so on so forth. Everything matters. From competence, to wisdom, to the mastering of necessary knowledge and skills, concerning the many existing areas. All those cognitive aspects mentioned above should be taken into consideration by any serious professional who needs his missions flawlessly accomplished.


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Versos ou Prosa da Memória Poética?

Porque hoje é quinta,
escuto Chico para chorar e rir, e em casa sem atrapalhar o tráfego .
No Sábado, ouço e leio Vinícius para dar risadas e chorar de rir.
O primeiro foi um grande construtor poético; o segundo ainda é. Ou seria o contrário de tudo até o primeiro ponto? Ou seria o contrário até o ponto segundo?
É bem verdade, entretanto, que uma genialidade floresceu há tempos.

Quem é quem então? Eles, eu sei quem são.


Just a short tale
By John Ny

A long time ago, one of my grandmothers, tried to make sure that joining the Brazilian military service would be an unnecessary feat in my case, as she could probably use her influence over that matter. A quite clear sign of care and preoccupation over a possible and bad outcome, in my opinion. However, after a long period of reflection over what my choice would be, I really decided on enlisting against her wishes, which, unexpectedly, resulted in an unlikely outcome as she proved to be one of my greatest supporters at the time. Well, I really miss my grandmother and not for the fact that she was white in spite of the fact that I am black. Nevertheless, that is not the real point here. Because what had already been very clear to all participants in that process from the start, and including her main role in the equation, was the fact that dodging draft would never make of any citizen a useful one for society. We all shared the same opinion about the role …


-Oi, já cheguei da escola.
O que tem para almoçar?
-Oi, querida. Como foi seu dia de aula?
- Tem bife acebolado?
Eu quero bife, mãe!
- Tem sim, amada!
Tem salada de...
- E salmão?
Eu quero sobremesa também.
- Como foi seu dia de aula?
Eu preparei arroz, feijão....
- O mãe, só tem isso pra comer?

Não estou brava com minha mãe, pequeno grão de arroz!

Estou apenas com fome. John Ny/ João Neto