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In a redneck's house
I watched my back
And prayed to God
I was going to be fine

They should be rich
And now it is my fault
The gold isn't theirs
So they cry

I was called weed
Just like in the Book
So don't give them guns
We will all be convicted to death

I managed to scape
Suspecting that
I would be shot point-blank

The glare in their eyes
Was self-evident

O man,
We could've made friends
Tomorrow never knows
Still I wave goodbye

A famous guy
Once praised the lord
And pleaded with Him
Have mercy on them

These men are just fine
I agree with you
No more words for now
Maybe I am a mad guy

What if I am wrong
And regret for good
What will I do
Rather than cry

Maybe I am a mad guy, eh
But don't get me wrong
Tearing up money
Is no business of mine