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I Feel Like Going On

There´s no limit to an illusion
Strong desires are hard to avoid
There´s no room to any wrong conclusion
Wishes may lead me to something I will not forget

Coming soon

This dream will come true
I can not find any limits
This wind is so smooth

Coming soon
This dream will never end
And I can´t make mistake
So I feel like going on and on

I had some thoughts
Matched to a distortion
That wouldn´t leave me alone
A simple image in a broken place
Like a picture in a mirror
I could not face

There´s no limit to imagination
I may find so many possibilities
There´s no limit to creation
I may sense it as it matches my desires

Coming soon
This dream will never end
And I can´t make any mistake
So I feel like going on and on



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Phrasing and its difficulty
Is not it all about it?
Now it´s clearer to see
Not for lack of a better description
Flats, sharp notes and many different keys
Outsides, not oddness, a colorful sonority
Something about the mastering of some pure technique
Strings vibration, their gauge and sound characteristics
Bending moves, sliding tricks
Unusual bars and their specific number of beats
Neither brain failure nor psychological issues
Useful details about what the word overcome means
Neither craziness nor lack of any spirituality
Scale switch from one key to another
Amazing chords, triads, major and minor scales
Greek modes, not madness as I first suspected
Staccato octaves, sixteen triplets
Vibrato... .... ....
And now I finally understand it
Something beyond and also about creativity
It is time I learnt about music