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Mostrando postagens de Fevereiro, 2012

The Gate

The Gate ( John Ny/João)

Down a road on his way home
The air felt so cold outside
In a fast machine
He couldn´t see the grin that would last

A longer talk for a planned date

This cunning was so hard to predict
Even harder to read between the lines
A heart that a smile could crack

A neverending ring
The sound wouldn´t stop

The thoughts
So much to say
From a little white heart
So white from joy

And a bolt designed to open a gate
A gate that leads to a perfect touch
Could have lead a couple in love



Love is so sublime
It tames a voracious heart
Silently, leaving marks
It goes out a door
Seeking faces in the city
Nonstop through nights and days
If someone knocks on your door
Love, the typical essence of passion, is the reason why
There are no plans
It creates no theories
Apart from happiness increase
If someone utters the word love
Their heart may already belong to you
Facts are made clearer by relevance
Actions speak for themselves
Who has thought about abstraction
What is true when you fall in love
Wellbeing is the reason for a relationship
Love does not ask
Intimacy and innocence may join
By its permission
It is as if love solves all the puzzles