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Mostrando postagens de Fevereiro, 2011


Today is the day
I want to leave
still, safe and sound
do you know
what I mean
will I stay the same
when the day begins
I hear a friendly voice
someone calls me
poor boy
do I know them
do I
what does it mean
let's rock
rock on
so long
and we will be ok
don´t look at my face
if you don't know
watch your step
what do you see
leave me alone
today is my day
be gone
let it begin
do you know
what I mean


Wasn´t It You

I feel the sun shining bright
on me
I see the moon just as wide
as it could be seen
I hear the sound of the tide
so loud
however much is heard
you'd be so proud

It is a bright sunshine

Now I am down here to sit on the sand
and everyone wants to hold
my hand
I am neither alone nor so sad
were you here with me
it wouldn't be so bad

will you come down and see
the day brings me joy
that you should behold
take it from me

It is a bright sunshine

I remember someone saying
we would be together
I remember someone praying
we would be one forever
wasn't it you

It's a bright sunshine