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Lord ( Johnny.)

Looking for Thee as I´ve been too bad
Surrounded by Your sons some can´t find the right Path
My Lord, won´t You get me back

Is there anything left to lose when someone is left alone
I´m afraid to ask it when I don´t feel that strong
Please, Lord, won´t You get me back

Uttering hopeless prayers I find myself on my knees
And now that I am that desperate it seems You don´t recognize me
Please, Lord, won´t You let me in

They say You know one´s true feelings
Before they come into existence
They say You will dry one´s eyes when life makes them cry
Please, Lord, will You get me by

Saints in white robes now point their fingers at me
Making this constant guilt feelings exceed my love for Thee
Please Lord, won´t You rescue me

Forgive the wrongs committed for lack of self control
Forgive this feeling of greed I feel inside so deep
Forgive all I may have done in order to harm Thy sons
Forgive me, Lord
Please, God, don´t let me go



  1. Very beautiful and sincere, Johnny!
    The image of the "saints in white robes pointing their fingers at you" can be perfectly seen by a reader. Good idea.
    The use of Thou, Thee and Thy makes me remember those poems we study at college. rs.
    Keep walking! Congrats!


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