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Fair Weather ( Johnny.)

It was fair weather
So, I went sightseeing,
Just on my way down the beach,
To be drawn by an awesome view,

Driven by this smooth sensation,
Astonishingly as it´s never been before
It was me

Overwhelmed by this blue sea
Now in great despair
Overcome by defeat
It was me

Impossible not to gaze at it,
The bluest sky ever,
It is
Unsuitable for anyone
Who would lose it


Tempo Bom

Fez tempo bom
Então saí a turismo
A caminho da praia
Sendo levado por uma visão deslumbrante

Conduzido por esta suave sensação
Boquiaberto como nunca estive antes
Este era eu

Por este mar azul, derrotado
Agora em grande desespero
Pela derrota, superado
Este era eu

Impossível não fixar os olhos
No mais azul do céu
Impróprio pra qualquer um
Que não consegue se controlar



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Phrasing and its difficulty
Is not it all about it?
Now it´s clearer to see
Not for lack of a better description
Flats, sharp notes and many different keys
Outsides, not oddness, a colorful sonority
Something about the mastering of some pure technique
Strings vibration, their gauge and sound characteristics
Bending moves, sliding tricks
Unusual bars and their specific number of beats
Neither brain failure nor psychological issues
Useful details about what the word overcome means
Neither craziness nor lack of any spirituality
Scale switch from one key to another
Amazing chords, triads, major and minor scales
Greek modes, not madness as I first suspected
Staccato octaves, sixteen triplets
Vibrato... .... ....
And now I finally understand it
Something beyond and also about creativity
It is time I learnt about music