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Mostrando postagens de Janeiro, 2010

The Theater ( Johnny.)

Back in a joker´s theater
Someone performs his tricks
The wise won´t take it
Rejecting those strange fits
Aware of this bit of a mess
There he goes looking for the exit
Leaving this filth place
Full of crap and creeps
As for the buffoon himself
More stupid has never existed
disregarding the people in the audience
 Numbs, lames and jesters?


Dreams ( Johnny.)

All I wanted was
To have her in my arms
Once again
And I would do all I could
To make her glad

It was the time to live
All we have planned
Happy moments,

But then she went away
And no blame is to be put on her
So many happy moments
We had
So many features
We shared
So many smiles
We exchanged
So many tears
We shed

But now she´s gone away
Taking my heart from me
Leaving nothing but the best image
I could see
The most beautiful picture
Kept in my dreams


Grin and bear it ( Johnny.)

It was winter over here
And they told me to grin and bear it
"That is the same hardship there
Which teaches us to be strong"
All I could see was a grieving sky
But herethe other side is

However much pain was felt
No harm is coming back again
Cause I know you will stand by me
Like I did when you were in the rain

That is why I thank you, honey
Cause now life has changed for better
The only thing I need to do
Is to rememeber it
Cause when it comes to you
Everything is alright
No more pain
So, come now
It is love


Along the field ( Johnny.)

Today I walked along a field
And came upon a beautiful rose
With plenty of colorful buds
So beautiful that it charmed me
Nice and slowly I approached it
Noticing it had just flourished

How come an unusual scene
Right in front of me
By chance,
As I kept going
I could not take it out of my mind
Such soft thing

It was as if momentum of a kind
Pushed me along
Making me forget all the other days
Introducing me to such a wonderful night
With many others to come


Sweet drinks ( Johnny.)

It was once a special time
Getting the gifted right into stardom
Everywhere, something would be seen
Sweet dreams
Some beautiful nights,
Warm by sunbeams
And some strenght brought together
Sweet drinks
Nothing else but some strenght brought together
Sweet drinks
"Hands up!"
Bring me one more"


Greed ( Johnny.)

Of all imaginable things
Its presence may be widely felt
 Wishing you would forget it
A hidden poison spoiling a man´s heart
One´s eyes are all but witnesses
And now that no value is held
Who would wish something wouldn´t be felt
The greed by which it´s hell
It´s all about nothing
Which changes one´s mind though
No treasure will ever overshadow
The greed by which some fell
Sounds are taken as jokes
As if no harm would reach
The heartbroken clown
Dismissed by changes of feelings
In days of confusion and greed